“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”


Living by the motto “for God and our country” entails a commitment to serving both one’s faith and one’s nation with integrity, dedication, and honor. The sole purpose of revival is to restore the presence of God and bring us back into a relationship with the Father.

As individuals, leaders, parents, civil servants and youth in our capacities; we ought to uphold our country with great honor but most importantly work with God as the central focus of all our endeavors.

Revival, indeed, often has a deeply spiritual purpose at its core, aiming to restore and deepen the connection between individuals and their faith, including their relationship with God.

Return to God: The central focus of revival is often on returning to God with sincerity and humility, acknowledging any distance or separation that may have developed over time and seeking reconciliation with the divine. Let’s ask ourselves these questions; WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? TO WHOM ARE WE ACCOUNTABLE? WHAT’S THE WAY FORWARD? These questions put everything in perspective.

Revival calls for introspection and repentance, inviting individuals to examine their hearts and seek forgiveness from God and others. There’s a transformative power of forgiveness and reconciliation in restoring broken relationships and healing spiritual wounds. For the sake of the nation’s growth; as citizens, let us work to live in harmony by restoring our relationships and healing from past traumas; TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

Revival promotes the reformation of character and the cultivation of virtues such as love, compassion, humility, and integrity. It encourages individuals to embody the values and principles of their faith in their daily lives, becoming living examples of God’s love and grace to others.

Revival extends beyond individual spiritual renewal to encompass the renewal of communities and societies as a whole. It fosters unity, harmony, and cooperation among believers, inspiring them to work together for the common good and the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth.

Continual Seeking: Revival is not seen as a one-time event but rather as an ongoing process of seeking God’s presence and guidance in every aspect of life. It fosters a spirit of continual seeking and striving for deeper intimacy with God, recognizing that the journey of faith is one of constant growth and transformation.

Revival empowers believers to fulfill their mission of sharing the good news of salvation and reconciliation with others. It equips them with boldness, clarity, and compassion to proclaim the message of hope and redemption to a country in need of God’s love and grace.

Overall, the sole purpose of revival is indeed to restore the presence of God and bring Uganda back into a vibrant and transformative relationship with the Father, empowering us to live lives of faith, love, and service that reflect the glory of God to the world.