Most individual Christians or churches who are desirous of experiencing the newness of life and restoration of their first love for their saviour which normally accompany revivals struggle with how to get there.

You don’t have to search too far. Prayer is the simple answer. You see God could easily give Revival as a windfall but it may bounce back or run off like water on a rock.

What prayer does is that it prepares the sinner’s heart to receive God’s gift of the Holy Spirit or His power to effect a turn around that comes with revival.

But this prayer must be earnest; actually, a word that best describes the kind of prayer that would move God’s heart and hand is wrestling.

Avery good example is that of Jacob’s cry in Genesis 32:26. The angel of the Lord says to Jacob, “let me go, for dawn is breaking.” And how does Jacob respond? In desperation, Jacob like a drowning man, blurts out his prayer. “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

And guess what happened, Jacob’s prayer was answered in double quantities.

This could be on individual level or communal or a mega church. We need to remember, though that it’s not a hit and run prayer but like Jacob, press in, in confident belief that God will in due course respond to our cry if we don’t give up.


Father of our Lord, we come to you, thirsty for a new life. We are confident you will quench my/our thirst in your faithfulness. Revive me/us Lord for the glory of your name.