This narrative focuses on individuals whose mental health is so challenged that they could easily slide into illness.

A support system is where one goes to whenever one is out of touch with oneself, in one’s lowest hour of hopelessness. The system helps an individual to recuperate, stand firm and make sound decisions. Having a strong support system, cannot be overemphasized for mental health purposes.

The anchor needs to be firmly grounded because of the vulnerability of the individual and the need to embark on the recovery process.

These people (the support system) are usually family, close friends, workmates, mentors or anybody that one looks up to, holds in high regard, and trust that these individuals have their wellbeing at heart. This is important when it comes to mental wellness recovery.

According to Sheila(not real name) battling severe depression and anxiety, being depressed or mentally withdrawn feels like being thrown into a deep dark hole and no matter how much you scream for help, no one can hear you.

This explains why someone can make plans for an entire week only to cancel them on the last day without any clear reason. When a pattern like this keeps happening recurrently and the person continues to be socially withdrawn, friends, family or workmates need to get concerned and find out lest she may be trapped in the deep dark hole and her screams cannot be heard.

This task or assignment in life, therefore, requires a well prepared, fully awakened, knowledgeable and empowered support system to make the recovery process much easier and faster for that individual to come out better and stronger. An empowered system creates strong codes and gets fully involved in the healing process. They should prioritize the wellbeing of the person and put it upon themselves to see their loved one recover step by step, fully and wholly.

A support system that is less knowledgeable about mental health can bring all efforts to the drain and make the condition much harder not only for the individual but also for those involved.

Sheila(not real names) also mentioned that her cousin got depressed because Sheila was depressed; so she started binge eating but because their mutual friend had noticed these changes and was familiar with some of the symptoms of depression, she recommended therapy and they started their journey to healing together.

Therefore, mental health rehabilitation and awareness should not only be focused on those in the condition but also towards their support system. These coupled with;


Seeking professional help.


Keeping a track record on the repetitive behavioral and mood change in a specific time.


Reconnecting to the highest source of one’s authentic spiritual self in order to regain a sense of purpose.

Can be some of the most effective steps to mental wellness.